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About Us

Delicious goodness

Mittens Muffins started in 2015 as an idea to make food that was real.  

Hand Made

I was having my morning coffee and a muffin, when I decided to read  the packaging of the muffin.  I learned that my muffin contained only 3  ingredients that I could recognize on the label.  There were so many  fake and non-food ingredients listed, I was very upset that I had put  these chemicals into my body.  That is when I decided that all Canadians  should be eating real ingredients from real sources, not from  factories. 
No artificial anything, made by hand, and the  best local ingredients available.  Canada has so much fresh, clean food  to offer, just try us and you will be swayed.  

Quality Ingredients

 Mittens Muffins makes high quality, hand made baked goods using the  best natural, local ingredients available.  Only real eggs, churned  butter, milled flour from Canadian sources. 
Mittens Muffins is the new Canadian comfort food.

Real Food

Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Options


Check out the Menu section for all your dietary needs.  Can't find it?  Click below to send us an email, and we can collaborate to suit your specific nutritional requirements, no problems!

Specialty Bakery

Real, Clean, Fresh Baked


Hand made, real, local ingredients, nothing chemical, nothing fake.  Organic flour stone ground from an Ontario Mill, eggs from pastured happy hens, fruit from Canadian farms, dairy from healthy local cows.

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